Fotos de braco de weimar

Fotos de braco de weimar

le parasol seen by thierry grillet and michel tréhet

Let’s meet the Weimaraner, an elegant and slender hunting dog from Germany. This beautiful dog is sometimes called «the gray ghost» because of its velvety appearance.
The Weimar Braque is a playful, active and intelligent dog, but let’s say that it does not have a «usual intelligence» in dogs. They are not usually ultra obedient dogs, or at least they do not always obey. They are selective in choosing when to obey.
They do need a lot of exercise. They like to walk and especially to run, so if you are not an active person and a lover of walks, this breed is not for you! (You know that a dog with unburned energy, becomes destructive at home!). The Weimaraner loves water, so walking with them by a stream or pond makes them the happiest dogs in the world!

curiosities of the german pointer

The German Pointer is an incredible animal that loves to run and, above all, to work together with his human guide. It is a furry dog that enjoys training, and also usually gets along well with other animals.
If you are thinking of increasing the family with a dog and you are looking for one that is energetic, intelligent and sociable, do not hesitate: the Weimar Braco is one of your best options. Below you will find out why.
Our protagonist is a dog originally from Germany known as the Weimar Braco or weimaraner that began its history before 1800; however, from that time we have only received some engravings where you can see dogs that are very similar to the dog we know today. It was not until the 19th century when the Grand Duke Charles Augustus, ruling the Duchy of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach, became fond of big game hunting.
In the middle of the 20th century, our protagonist was imported to the United States by Howard Knight, who was a member of the German Weimaraner Club. From then on, the breed gradually became known throughout the world.

litter of braco de weimar

The Weimar Braco de Weimar is a breed of dog that stands out mainly for its abilities as a retriever. However, its temperament is also something that stands out because it is versatile, manageable, energetic and passionate.
Because he was amazed with these dogs, Duke Karl August, began with a strict selection and control over his breeding and puppy dogs. This practice began to be imitated by other nobles, achieving that the first purebred Weimars became known at the end of the 13th century.
On the other hand we must take into account that certain experts think that the existence of these dogs is before the second half of the 18th century. This is mostly due to different sculptures, paintings, engravings and legends, which speak of dogs very similar to this.
Beginning with the measurements of this breed of dogs, we can mention that adult males reach 61 and 69 cm, weighing 27 kg. In the case of females, their height is 56 to 64 cm high with a weight of 22.5kg.