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Top of the RockHome » Attractions » Top of the RockEstimated reading time: 3 minutesTop of the Rock is an observation deck located in Rockefeller Center, and is my favorite high altitude observatory in New York.With hardly any queues, mainly due to good organization, it offers the best aerial views of New York and Manhattan, especially of the entire Central Park and Midtown area. The photo from it of the Empire State has already become an icon of New York and an essential souvenir of your visit to the Big Apple.

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In any case, climbing to the Top of the Rock is a very interesting alternative to the Empire State Building, as both skyscrapers are located in different parts of Manhattan, allowing you to see from each of them different perspectives of New York.
A large Christmas tree next to an ice rink surrounded by large skyscrapers, or the huge metal sculpture representing the Atlas, are iconic images of Manhattan in New York, and specifically on Fifth Avenue.
These images can be seen in what is one of the most emblematic architectural complexes of New York, the Rockefeller Center, which is located between 48th and 51st streets of the famous avenue.
It is actually a large complex of 19 buildings located between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, with several of the most interesting corners of this area of Manhattan, such as the neo-Gothic Cathedral of St. Patrick, and near the aforementioned Central Park.
Undoubtedly, the most significant of these buildings is known as One Rockefeller Plaza, with its very slender silhouette, and at whose feet opens the great square where the greatest atmosphere of this great complex of business and leisure.

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If you want to live a magical experience in New York, you must climb the Top of The Rock. In this guide you will find all the information you need to enjoy this spectacular skyscraper: updated prices, opening hours, the best time of day to go up, how to buy your tickets… Shall we see it?
No one can deny that the Top of The Rock is one of the best observatories in New York City. Although there are many views of the skyscrapers, doing it from one of the tallest buildings in the city is priceless. Let’s see a lot of curiosities of the Top of The Rock and how to organize yourself to have a 10 experience.
Yes. The Top of The Rock is the observation deck of one of the skyscrapers that make up the Rockefeller Center complex that was built by the famous tycoon Rockefeller.  All the buildings of the complex are built in an elegant Art Deco style, very characteristic of the time.
Keep in mind that Rockefeller Center also has its famous skating rink in winter, a shopping mall inside and many stores outside with stores like Lego and Radio City Music Hall. In addition to being the emblematic place where the most famous Christmas tree in New York is installed, with its famous Christmas tree lighting party.

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To the south, an unforgettable close-up view of the Empire State Building awaits you. To the north, the enormous Central Park. And in between, the city’s streets, avenues and skyscrapers throbbing to a relentless rhythm.
Did you know that…? The legendary photo Lunch atop a Skyscraper, with eleven workers posing on a beam suspended 256 meters above the streets of New York, was taken during the construction of the Comcast Building in 1932.
As soon as you step off the elevator, you’ll find yourself on the 67th floor. The Top of the Rock is made up of several observatories located between the 67th, 69th and 70th floors, and you can move freely from one to another, but they are not all the same:
Photo tip: From the 70th floor you can see the terrace of the 69th floor, so if the observatory is not too crowded, someone in your group can go up to the top floor and take photos of the rest of the travelers on the 69th floor with the city in the background.
Many of these skyscrapers, such as the Central Park Tower (the soaring tower of blue glass on the left) or the Steinway Tower (the soaring, narrow tower in the center) are located on 57th Street, which many are beginning to know as Billionaires’ Row. That is, the street of billionaires.